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What are 'Maximum Wager' and 'Multiplier on winnings over max' penalties and how do they work?

In the interests of fair gaming, certain bonuses such as the Slots and All Rounder Welcome Packs may incorporate a 'max wager' and 'multiplier on winnings over max' settings, which have been introduced to discourage abusive play when using bonuses. Betting above the allowed limit will still credit any wins, however a further wagering requirement penalty in proportion to the winnings derived from wagering above the allowed amount may be incurred due to using bonus funds pertaining to high risk play. Of course, such features will not inhibit you from risking your own real funds for higher rewards, should you wish to do so.

Here’s an example to consider. Let’s say that you have selected our Slots Welcome Package and deposited €100 to the casino, hence receiving €100 in bonus funds on top of your deposit. Let us also consider that the bonus has a Max Wager setting of €10 and a Multiplier on Winnings over Max setting of x10, with a current untouched wagering requirement of x40 the bonus amount, equal to €4000.

As long as you are still using your real funds, these two bonus features will not influence your wagering requirement. However, if you have depleted your real funds and are now using bonus funds, these features will come into consideration. Taking into consideration the values above, let us assume that you have made a wager of €25 and won €150 from that bet. The process of which your wagering requirement penalty will be calculated is as follows:

Current Wagering Requirement: €4000
Max wager allowed: €10
Multiplier on Winnings over Max: x10
Last Hand Wagered: €25
Amount Won from Last Wager: €150

Proportion of win which is within specified terms = 10/25 = 0.4 or 40%
Therefore, 40% of the €150 win is considered penalty free, while 60% of the win shall incur the penalty.

€150 x 60% = €90 x 10(Multi on Win over Max) = €900 to be added on to wagering requirement as a penalty.