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Which documents need to be sent in order to be verified?

As the final step in our attempts to process your application, when it is deemed that other methods are unsuitable, we will ask that you send us a photocopy or scan of one document from each of the categories listed below:

1) Personal Identification
one Photo ID from the following List

  • Passport - Photo-ID page and page preceding it. All four corners of both pages are to be visible, 
  • Driving Licence - Copies of the front and back of card. All four corners of the licence are to be visible, 
  • National Identification Card (photographic) - Copies of the front and back of card. All four corners of the card are to be visible, 
  • Citizenship Certificate - All four corners of the certificate are to be visible.

2) Address Verification
one of the following  

  • Utility Bill (less than 3 months old) - All four corners of the bill are to be visible.
  • Tax Bill (less than 3 months old) - All four corners of the bill are to be visible.
  • Copy of Bank Statement - (less than 3 months old) - All four corners are to be visible.

3) Copies of your payment method(s) used
(less than 3 months old)

  • Front and back copies of the card(s) you have used or intend to use. The first six and last four digits together with your signature must be visible. For security, we suggest that you black out the security number at the back and middle digits in the front. All four corners of each card are to be visible.
  • A screenshot of your e-wallet account showing your email address/account number and personal account information.


  • The documents must be clear and legible and have all your usernames or telephone account ID on all documents. If this is not the case processing time may be longer and may result in temporary account suspension.
  • Use the highest resolution available on your fax machine (recommended resolution supported by most machines: 'Photo').
  • Please send scans in JPEG or GIF file formats only with a maximum size of 10MB per page.
  • For your personal security please blank out all digits except for the last four of the account and card numbers, leaving the start and expiry date visible. Please send documents that state your residential address.

You can send these documents via one of the following methods:

  • By E-mail –
  • By Post - JPR Buildings, Level 2, Triq Taz-Zwejt, San Gwann, SGN3000, Malta

Personal Identification Information: 

  • Your first name and surname (as they appear on your passport). 
  • Your BETAT Casino username.
  • Your UK Passport Number (please include all of the numbers on the bottom line of the passport – this should be a 28 digit long number and small 2 digit check number) 
  • Your UK Driving Licence Number (the 18 digit code on the photo card and the 5 digit code located next to your address on the paper counterpart)  

Address Information:

  • Your current address (which must include postcode and house number)
  •  Your previous address (which must include postcode and house number)

These details should be emailed to

If you have issue or queries regarding the verification process, please contact the Customer Service team via our Livechat service and they will be happy to help